I actually such a place Middle East! Middle East real life ...

Middle East Street Night / Japan work department

I actually such a place Middle East! Middle East real life ... Whether it is sudden, everyone will think of what to hear that the Middle East? Danger, conflict, from the negative image, such as terrorism, oil field, gorgeous Arab life such as oil money, and even desert, mosque, or will not have an image for vague Arab culture, such as Islam. We, as seen from the obediently new point of view the life of foreign cultures and people, founded the Resala in the sense of [message] in Arabic from the thought that I want you to feel. There is Shoen for the people, focus on the Middle East of particular race or religion, diversity in upbringing, will start the project of Resala. Throughout the project, we would want to tell the honest people of the story without prejudice. The first round of projects to be held from the month and day in the green Zhuang of Omotesando in, photo exhibition [food, clothing and shelter], is a familiar theme for people around the world, focusing on [clothes, food, shelter, living in the Middle East Projected everyday people.

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