I actually such a place Middle East! Middle East real life ...

Frontier of overseas travel! Saudi Arabia tourism attraction

I actually such a place Middle East! Middle East real life ... Recently, Saudi Arabia to appear in the news in something a dangerous story. Acquisition of the visa is difficult, for the general tourists It was [closed kingdom], was the first to ban the tourist visa recently. But what is the other than the desert and oil fields I Saudi Arabia? Tourist visa application on the net Tourist visa of Saudi Arabia, from date, acceptance of online began to subject the people of approximately 0 countries and regions, including Japan. This until the cumbersome procedure to get the Saudi Arabia of the visa was haunted. Because such as local business partners of the unique system of applying for a visa as [invitation], we did not come out visa if there are no [invitation]. This is, is a new online system began to take in minutes, and Saudi Arabia authorities boasted. With the exception of such pilgrimage of business and Muslims, Saudi Arabia was just [closed kingdom]. None other than the judgment of Muhammad Crown Prince of the heir to the throne was off to a rudder is to ban the Kingdom of visa.

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