I actually such a place Middle East! Middle East real life ...

The Middle East political[Better] in order to understand

I actually such a place Middle East! Middle East real life ... It has been seen from the voice of the people of Ichii Tragedy and its background of national bankruptcy. 0 years, of Syria, which is said to [century largest humanitarian crisis] conflict, was plunged into th year. 0 years of [Arab Spring] conflict manifested the Assad regime and dissidents among. It developed into a dispute, eventually extremist organizations from among the dissidents [Islamic Countries (IS)] has emerged. Also neighboring countries and major powers is military intervention after the power of the IS has waned, do not find the clue for dispute resolution. Under the war, more than half of the total population has been forced to evacuate to the home and abroad, already hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives. [To the Middle East conflict and political turmoil, it is often seen that there is a special cause immeasurable to us. In one side is the street, but it does not advance understanding even if only in an eye difference. At the same time commonality universality and uniqueness particularity also be found, we believe that the Middle East of politics can be "better" understanding].

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